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Adding to MaxRas brainbreeze list of possible positive effects ("increase cosmopolitanism, increase inward-focus/caring about moment-to-moment experience, decreasing aggression/increased peacefulness, increasing general mental health"): creativity/pursue of new lines of ideation, less addictions, moral circle expansion, increase in nature relatedness,  and gaining WISDOM. 

Talking about a longtermist perspective I would like to cite Toby Ords introduction to his book "The Precipice", where he talks about the importance of WISDOM for longterm security: "Fuelled by technological progress, our power has grown so great that for the first time in humanitys long history, we have the capacity to destroy ourselves - severing our entire future and everything we could become. Yet humanitys WISDOM has grown only falteringly, if at all, and lags dangerously behind (...) As the gap between our power and our WISDOM grows, our future is subject to an ever-increasing level of risk." 

Answer by Kai SiMar 02, 20221

We are probably gaining the ability to spread life via directed panspermia (as a feasible option to eliminate correlated risks and build a safety net) decades before we gain the ability to bring civilisation to other solar systems. 

The "long reflection" could lead to an increase in biotic ethics, favoring further investments in directed panspermia.

A recent study using machine learning assisted simulations could change the risk assessment for extreme scenarios of climate change. Fortunately the possible tipping point is estimated at the very high point of 1200ppm CO2.