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Relatively new to the movement, but I am searching how I can use my life in the most efficient way to better this world is for over a decade now. My approach currently is less on a specific case, but more on finding a way to inspire whole societies for this quest.


Great point to raise, Chantal. I am questioning this myself for many years, which led to joining a party ten years ago and trying it out. By now I know people who are/were in the national or local government and my conclusion is very short:
In the vast majority of important political decisions I see that the politicians follow the changes in the society - they rarely lead them (speaking from a European perspective).
So I believe now in changing aspects through EA will be the efficient way (also because of your point 1, which is indeed very frustrating), but this realisation is personal depending also on my skill set, so for others it might be the right way and all societies need good politicians, not only the EA community.