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Thank you for sharing! I think it is a good post and the topic raised there (tied to this current post) is worth a deeper discussion than it got in the comments (which were imho rather tangential, the monetary estimate actually not being central to the post). Does anyone know whether the person who wrote that has permanently left the EA forum? (Btw if there is a cause area 'animal welfare', maybe there indeed should also be one called 'child welfare', but if this is too broad, then maybe 'positive parenting', which is the flip side of corporal punishment and other abuse of children, and skills in which actually help to prevent most abuse).

As a policy-maker in child protection/ child welfare and also a foster parent to a previously abused child (but only a lurker on EA and rationality communities), I'm glad to see this topic brought up here. I'd be enthusiastic to try to contribute to this conversation, but I won't jump deep into it here right now, as I don't know what is the previous level of knowledge on this topic of you and other readers of this forum, and which parts of my knowledge would be obvious to you and which not; and also, what would be, from the perspective of a cause, the benefit of being a "cause X" in the EA community :)