Elka Weber

Freelance Contractor @ Self-Employed
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I'm a trained writer and marketing/operations specialist with a background in library science. I've primarily worked with financial advisors and in financial services, but post-pandemic and post-Thomas Fire my perspective has grown and my self-awareness has deepened. I'm (late-diagnosed) neurodivergent. I'm intellectually curious, and constantly evolving.

"Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

How others can help me

I'm new to Effective Altruism and am just beginning to learn about EA organizations. I want to find my fit - where I can be of service for the highest good. I need a mission to support. I need to work with and for a great team. And I'd like to move back to a full-time role after contracting for several years while helping my family rebuild after they lost their home in one of the California wildfires. 

I understand that this transition will take a while in order for it to be truly meaningful, so as it builds I'm looking for interesting roles, free courses, contract work, and volunteer opportunities to broaden my knowledge base. I've signed up for a peer mentoring program, I will sign up for coaching, and I'll do my best to network with EA groups nearby in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, or remotely. 

How I can help others

Happy to help your project out if you need a proofreader, a reviewer, a beta reader, a copy editor, a sounding board, a QA website helper, an AI prompt tester, a writer, a compliance assistant, a picture of my pets, a dad joke...


Hello! Just an aside from an EA newbie: there's a missing word in the following sentence.

To transform the question about the murder-happy transplant surgeon to a question of person-affecting or non-person-affecting population ethics, we can ask about an expectant first-time mother planning to have a family of five children, who tragically discovers, at the very earliest stage of pregnancy, that the blastocyst[5] which could become a child will have a debilitating physical ailment[6].

 Insert "who" between "child" and "will." Thanks! I'll keep reading & learning quietly now.