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Hi Nick! Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback. My colleagues have answered, but I would like to respond to your comments on kangaroo care, ORS and zinc!

On Kangaroo care
1. Thanks for your note on generalist talent - we will note this down. 2. I agree with you! This intervention includes large behavior change activities (not only from caregivers but also practitioners) - KC can tend to be seen as a “second rate” solution to lack of resources, as well, instead of the proper medical care it is. 4. We will note this down for our future co-founders!

On trials and targeting. Yes, I fully agree - this intervention must be well targeted to find places where it would be additional; this is something we focus on more in the full report! On NGO speak. Noted - in the full report, we discuss some evidence of plausible intervention models that are a bit more pinned down  - having said that, I generally agree that getting the ORS to those that need it is a better option. Other models would be additional (and up to debate).