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Open Thread: June — September 2022

Excited to see the result - think this is a great contribution to the community. I suspect that a lot of us are heading into longtermist work (ex: xrisk reduction) without proper psychological footing and that more support in the movement would go a long way towards reducing burnout...good luck, Bary!

Open Thread: June — September 2022

Which podcast episode covers EA? That's cool!

Emphasizing emotional altruism in effective altruism

Organizational purpose consultant here. You would not believe the human potential left on the table by orgs that don't tap into our deeper, non-rational / personal motivations.

[Link] Luke Muehlhauser: Effective Altruism As I See It

"This notion of effective altruism doesn’t demand that you use all your resources to help others. It doesn’t even say that you should use your other-focused budget of resources to help others as much as possible. 2 Instead, it merely describes an intellectual project (clause i) and a practical project (clause ii) that some people are excited about but most people aren’t. 3"

Considering EA as a project is such a beautiful way to reduce scope creep and the stress that comes with it. It allows us clearly say "this resource in my life will / will not be applied to EA." Thank you for sharing, Aryeh!