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AI safety + community health


Great job, Rocky and signatories. Statements are not programs, but neither are they nothing. They take a ton of courage and hard work to write. Proud of everyone who engaged in good faith to put this forward and to strengthen EA as a community. 

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I began seeking counseling and mental health care when my timelines collapsed (shortened by ~20y over the course of a few months). It is like receiving a terminal diagnosis complete with uncertainty and relative isolation of suffering. Antidepressants helped. I am still saving for retirement but spending more freely on quality of life than I have before. I'm also throwing more parties with loved ones, and donating exclusively to x-risk reduction in addition to pivoting my career to AI.


It could be that I love this because it's what I'm working on (raising safety awareness in corporate governance) but what a great post. Well structured, great summary at the end.

Unrelated to the broader issue of EA's lack of demographic diversity, there are several groups for various religions in EA (and other demographic groups / coalitions, like parents). Not sure where to find a centralized list off the top of my head.

Beautiful writing (which I really appreciate, and think we should be more explicit about promoting). I see that AI risk isn't mentioned here and am curious how that factors into your general sense of the promising future. 


We are EAs because we share the experience of being bothered - by suffering, by pandemic risk, by our communities' failure to prioritize what matters. Before EA, many of us were alone in these frustrations and lacked the support and resources to pursue our dreams of helping. I remember what it was like before EA and I'm never going back. Thank you, each of you, for bringing something beautiful into the world.


In the coming months, it could be valuable to estimate the total EV of this fraud so we can 1) map actions to consequences and 2) more deeply understand what happened here.

That might include:

  • EV of total x-risk reduction FTX was expected to fund (% reduction * number of future lives spared)

-Loss of life from direct victims

-Reputation damage to EA and subsequent loss of funding, talent, and reduced growth

-Reduced efficacy of existing EA orgs due to damaged trust, reduced resources, and trauma

Some of these will be difficult to estimate. But I think we should know what we lost, and those engaged in fraud should know what it cost.

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I like the sentiment but disagree. We have to know how far this goes. This is a system failure, not just an individual failure.

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