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Hi, I'm Evan Price,

I built a deep interest in EA through 5 five years travelling slowly through Sub-saharan Africa and other parts of the developing world by bicycle. Questioning intently the chasm of inequality between my own life and that of the people I met every single day.

This led me to learn about and thoroughly investigate the principles and ideas of the EA movement. And while it does not have solutions to a lot of the issues the world's poorest experience (I'm not sure there are any), I strongly align with EA's rigorously researched ideas and actions which do focus on all of current and future humanity.

I've thus transitioned from 18 years as an engineer and project manager into EA operations role, and am currently volunteering at a few EA organisations while attempting to find a permanent position.


Organizations prioritising neat signals of EA alignment might systematically miss good candidates

They did indeed ask such questions and I answered them indicating I had been engaged with EA for over four years and had made a career change as a result.

Given the much more positive response to my applications since I made significant progress on having the required signals, I am reasonably convinced that it is a case of requiring these signals to progress with most EA applications.

How to Get an EA-aligned Job: My Experience

Hey Sofia
I was just preparing for an interview and thought I'd search the forum in case anyone had written up anything useful...and there was your really extensive, considered and helpful post!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this up, it's really helpful and much appreciated!

Longtermist EA needs more Phase 2 work

I have been ruminating about this issue within EA for ages, and recently got the opportunity to speak to people about it at EAG and was somewhat alarmed at hearing quite half-hearted responses to the question - So thank you for writing this up in an accessible way.

I think as you were suggesting in  'virtuous cycles', phase 2 work (or  research) could come to significantly affect phase 1 work. 
E.g. If phase 2 research or work on AI alignment  came to find that influencing the other  groups developing AI to implement the successful phase 1 work is not feasible (foreign governments for example), then it may trigger a reconfiguration of what phase 1 work needs to look like. I.e. is the intention of phase 1 to solve the alignment problem or does it have to become to solve alignment and be the first to develop AGI (excuse my superficial knowledge on AI alignment, the example, not the details, are what's relevant!)

I've also heard from a phase 2 type AI group that they have struggled to get funding and that there are very few people working in this area, suggesting again that your point is very valid and worth attention.

Organizations prioritising neat signals of EA alignment might systematically miss good candidates

Hi Peter
Thank you for your considered comments. When I was completing the applications for your roles I thought the phrasing you used  was encouraging to describe one's individual  journey and perspectives regarding EA, and it was much appreciated.

Organizations prioritising neat signals of EA alignment might systematically miss good candidates

Thanks for your feedback, indeed I was concerned that I would be perceived as bitter and I hope I mitigated that by explicitly stating the opposite, which is true. 
I'm fortunate to have the time to commit to volunteering and integration into the movement, and if I don't find a workable place for myself I have a previous career to go back to, so really the intention really just is to inform and discuss.

Earning to Save (Give 1%, Save 10%)

Reading this post it dawned on me that this was exactly how my experience had transpired, albeit I was completely unaware that it was happening - I saved up and left my regular developed world existence to ride a bicycle across a fair amount of the world. My experiences on the bike and the time available to think deeply (as you suggest) led me to learning about and becoming very aligned with EA. While I’m still travelling, I’m now in the phase of figuring out how best to prepare myself for future work in an EA related field, and the financial and time freedom is giving me the means to do so.

All of which is to say that from personal experience this point has proved to be incredibly influential in allowing me to transform my thinking and future plans to be aligned with EA.