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To celebrate the launch of AI Safety Melbourne, come have a free dinner (and cake!) at Gopals and meet other like-minded people. Invite your friends!

Anyone interested in AI safety is welcome, no experience required, and regardless of whether you want to pursue a career in this area or not. Even if you don't know what AI safety is but would like to find out, come along! This is just a friendly space for people to chat, learn from each other, discuss ideas, share tips and opportunities, have fun, make connections, and create a community so we can support each other. Share this event with any friends or groups who you think would be interested.

We have funding for the event, so when you arrive come up to Level 2 to find me (Ethan EJ Watkins) so that I can pay for your meal. (I'll have a sign so that you can spot me easily.)

After Gopals closes at 8pm we'll walk to Charles Dickens Tavern (Block Arcade, 290 Collins Street) to continue chatting.

Join our AI Safety Melbourne facebook group to hear about our future events and keep in touch with people you meet:

Document provided by MLSS:
Preparation Materials and Curriculum [public]

Regarding the prerequisites (differential calculus, linear algebra or statistics, programming) do you have any recommended resources for people who have studied these but are a bit rusty and want to revise the content before MLSS? Or a list of concepts or tasks that participants can use to check whether their understanding is at the required level? (e.g. "If you know the concepts X, Y and Z in linear algebra, and can write a program to solve task A and B, then you probably have enough background for MLSS.")