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Vote Pairing is a Cost-Effective Political Intervention

Good stuff. I'll just mention one thing: should vote pairing become more popular in the future, the legality is uncertain. In the Wikipedia article you referenced (which I wrote in full), I wrote:

"On August 6, 2007, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on a case, Porter v. Bowen, stemming from the California Attorney General's shutdown of Vote-swapping, it said, is protected by the First Amendment, which state election laws can't supersede, and it is fundamentally different from buying or selling votes. Furthermore, vote pairing agreements are not legally binding.[1][2][31][33][34] However, it is unclear if other courts would agree should this arise again, and in recent years, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has had the most decision reversals of any United States court of appeals.[35][36][37][38]"

So, if vote pairing becomes more popular in the future, its legality isn't certain.