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The sign up link appears to be broken. Is this project still active?

The sign up link appears to be broken

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Even though you may not get a full federal deduction for charitable contributions due to the higher standard deduction, you should pay less state tax. I ran a simple Turbotax calc for 2019 for a joint return with 150K$ income and 10K$ in mortgage interest. Base fed/ca tax was $19976/$7312. With 14K$ of donations, the state dropped to $5973. Bumping up donations by another 14K$ yields taxes of $16687/$4579. So the first 14K$ donation saves ~$1339 and an additional 14K$ saves an additional ~$4572. As you donate more, your tax savings will also start to reduce due to being in a lower tax bracket.

Caveat: don't trust these numbers - run your own analysis. These $$ are for USA/CA.