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Fill out this census of everyone who could ever see themselves doing longtermist work — it’ll only take a few mins

Do you mean for the title to say "<= 3 mins"? I think you have your ">" inverted. (It took me about 3 minutes for the first section, and about 10 minutes all-in)

I was meaning to say "3 or more minutes".
Transcripts of interviews with AI researchers

With all the “AI psychology” posts on here and Twitter, I thought this was going to be “interviews with AIs that are researchers” not “interviews with humans researching AI”. This is probably more valuable!

Why do you care?

My justification is pretty simple:

  1. I like being happy and not having malaria and eating food.

  2. I appear to be fundamentally similar to other people.

  3. Therefore, other people probably want to be happy and not have malaria and have food to eat.

  4. I don’t appear to be special, so my interests shouldn’t be prioritized more than my fair share.

  5. Therefore I should help other people more than I help myself because there are more of them and they need more help.