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"Hello World!" 
My name's Fazle. 
I'm an 11th grader(2nd grade senior high) student in Indonesia.

I first came across EA from the book 'Impact' by Christen Brandt and Tammy Tibbetts.
I bought this book alongside 2 other books, 'Immune' & 'Kingdom of Speech'
Forgot the specific reason why I choose Impact & Kingdom of Speech out of all available books I could choose, but one thing for sure is 'to broaden my horizons.'
Immune coz its Kurzgesagt's.
At the time, when 'Impact' mentioned Effective Altruism, I have no idea what is it. 
Is this some sort of system? A method to do things? etc. I didn't get it at all.

That's when, around 2 days later, Kurzgesagt uploaded their most recent video in which at the end of the video, they mentioned that EA is a global movement. Then I looked up EA. Knowing that I could be a part of this change-making community,  here I am!

I'm interested in reshaping the education system. This outdated system... If only this system were as updated as our technological advancement... Won't it make it easier to have a better world?

Oh well. I might be inexperienced and can't help much. But my long ahead is still pretty long... damn I can still barely see my starting point. 

I'm happy that I could be a part of this community, and I wish to learn more through all you guys!