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Introducing High Impact Professionals

Hi Nathan, indeed the scarcity of EA jobs creates a lot of frustration within the EA community as eloquently expressed by this post, and quoting the 2019 EA Survey:

“Two of the top four significant barriers to becoming more involved in EA were not enough job opportunities that seemed like a good fit for me (29%) and too hard to get an EA job (23%).”

We believe that HIP as a career path can help with that because it can allow a large number of people to have an impact.

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Introducing High Impact Professionals

Hi Alex, we are glad you liked it! We would love to talk to you, don’t hesitate to book a slot for a chat.

Introducing High Impact Professionals

Hi Kyle, thanks for your question. With ”High Impact Professionals” we mean working EAs who understand their main path to impact as NOT through their day-to-day work and want to increase their impact besides their regular jobs.

We can imagine a lawyer or a web-designer who wants to offer pro-bono services, a banker or consultant doing earning to give, a successful entrepreneur who wants to mentor growing charities or someone at a startup or a big tech company who wants to promote impactful initiatives in their company, like hosting fundraising events or introducing donation matching.