Felix Rudfeldt


Should altruistic health be at the forefront of our society?

Thanks for your reply! Regarding the formatting that's my fault since I thought it looked weird "the normal way" on my computer and made intends so the text would be aligned. I was mainly trying to aim at the prioritization of health and what if we were to value health higher in our society how that would impact all aspects of society. Although as you said, I think I made the mistake to make this a bit to vague and broad. Thank you for the resources, I'll check them out! 

What posts you are planning on writing?

No worries! I'll be sure to check them out and see if they're relevant to the post I'm thinking about writing. I bet I could also just google randomly lik "advocacy work cost" or something like that to see what comes up. Thanks for your help man! :)

What posts you are planning on writing?

Hey, Vaidehi! Thanks for your feedback, I hadn't considered these questions before and they are of great help. Do you have any idea on where to find more information on the cost of advocacy and implementation costs? I feel like this is outside my current knowledge.

What posts you are planning on writing?


I've recently started to write a post about how our education system could be structured to nurture to the full spectrum of health that an indvidual has (physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, spiritually). I'm thinking about drawing from many different fields of science such as neuroscience, psychology, sports science, sociology, public health (my own field), and education management. 

As you may know, cardiovascular diseases and mental health are on the rise in the west and are becoming pressing problems for our society, which may accumulate in the future if nothing is done to alter the course. 

Let me know what you think and if this is the right place for such a post.