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If you have time, can you provide some examples of what you saw as evidence of wrongdoing? 

I didn't interpret any of these as evidence of the original wrongdoing, but these were the main things Kat did in her evidence thread that, in my opinion, muddled Nonlinear's defense:

  1. Lots of motte-and-bailey/strawmanning their critics, like claiming to refute an allegation but then providing evidence that they didn't do some other, more egregious thing, or saying that the only way something bad could have come out of their actions was that they were "secretly evil"
  2. Selectively engaging only with comments that made them look good, and avoiding responding to comments that looked more incriminating
  3. Abuse of quotation marks, such that most of the time when they claimed someone else said something, the other person had not actually said that thing, but something else that sounded like it, modulo Kat's interpretation.

There was also the section where they may have fabricated allegations against Ben Pace to make a point that anyone can make anyone else sound bad, though I thought the analogy did not quite work and some people thought was deranged. But I'm not sure if that part is substantiated or not, because she has avoided responding to questions about it.

Also, this was not in the forum thread, but Kat declaring victory on Facebook and saying she has changed everyone's minds based on some questionable napkin math, while living in a bubble and engaging only with comments from people with whom she has shared the most flattering possible interpretation of events where people are witch hunting her for no reason.

It's not utilitarian nonsense to think about large numbers of loved ones. There are trillions of fish in the oceans, and we have the chance to make their lives so much better!


A slightly different possibility is that "Sharing information on Ben Pace" is supposed to be about Kat's experiences, and Kat did not want it to be obvious, because it makes Ben look bad and untrustworthy. But that would be a really dishonest and manipulative thing to do, and would undermine her post, which is supposed to establish that other people are telling lies about her. Kat should clarify that she didn't intend it this way and the section is about someone else.

Yes! There are so many opportunities to help animals, and some are effective on a really large scale, but what Tobias did means the world to this dog <3