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Congratulations on the great success PISE!

It's amazing to see how many pledges you've accomplished and spoken from the EA Rotterdam (city) group, I think most/all of these are counterfactual pledges that would otherwise not have happened.

What do you think is the next frontier in psychedelics/drug research? E.g. psychedelics for cluster headaches.

Where would you invest next Tim if you wanted to have the most impact? Or what have you discovered Michael for your upcoming book that we are not aware of? Or Matthew, what would you research if you weren't constrained in any way?

Thank you for the write-up! Great idea for assigning different roles instead of just having one person present.

And 100% agree about taking notes and saving them somewhere accessible.

Thank you for writing the post Koen!

As one of the organizers of the EA Rotterdam (non-university)  group, this hits close to home.

Kidding aside, I really liked how you went through the arguments and provided a framework for thinking this true.

I give it a non-negligible chance that we will update our name based on this article!


With regards to the 'part of the EA network', could that possibly be rephrased to 'part of the Effective Altruism network'? I think it would be good to do mention the full words instead of the abbreviation (as that wouldn't mean anything to new people) 

I can also highly recommend Deep Work by Cal Newport, his main thesis is that 'real' work only happens/productivity is high when you're doing it for a few hours at a time instead of 15min blocks with constant interruptions. Edit: should have read the linked post first haha, so see this as another vote for Cal Newport