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This looks promising!

I often find myself second guessing estimations of animal charity effectiveness as it feels like they might have cherry-picked their 'moral metric'. Breaking it down in this way seems like a laudable and structured approach for assessing an issue with quite so many unknown variables.

Things that excited me:

  • I could imagine a report where, for a given intervention, each of these is estimated, confidence weightings given and explanations of evidence, priors and reasonings for each estimation. Reading that would have given me more confidence when I was earlier in my journey re animal suffering.

  • Complex, intuition-challenging problems broken down into smaller, more intuition-friendly problems seems valuable.

  • I'd guess it's likely that making many weighted judgement calls and making gut checks from many angles will result in answers closer aligned with our values.

+1 London community is awesome. Also heard very good things about the Berlin & Vancouver communities.