Francisco Carvalho

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Hi! I'm Francisco, a 2x founder, ML researcher, and software engineer looking to learn from an AI-safety-minded team that will let me combine my academic ML studies with software engineering to support research or a system in production. I'm sure I can help any team ship with my generalist skills and pragmatism inherited from handling operations myself in the companies I started.

Beyond ML roles, I am also excited about working on systems that improve the internet (as you would at e.g. Protocol Labs, or Mozilla) and I am passionate about tools-for-thought and PKM (e.g. Roam, Notion, Obsidian).

Location: Berlin, Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No but will travel


  • Software engineering: Web, Python, Typescript, Clojure, other langs
  • Machine Learning: research, reinforcement learning (RLlib, Pytorch, Tensorflow), complex networks
  • Personal knowledge management and tools-for-thought (using and building them)
  • Sensemaking in operations: running 2 start-ups


Email: frsc@campus.ul.pt


Available from and until: flexible