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How I can help others

Before the world pandemic, I have been actively providing free courses on project management, increasing productivity, and time management. Now I'm working on moving everything to free webinars.


Hey, I just opened EA for myself and joined.
Thanks for sharing your experience and providing your feedback!

Just wanted to share some experience about using time management software.
For my personal daily tasks, I use Trello as it has enough features to fulfill all my requirements. But for team projects, we use mostly Asana, because you know it is greatly oriented for teams. There comes another "but" - Asana is an incredible tool, no doubt. Anyway, nothing is perfect. We have some issues with exporting data to Google Sheets. As sometimes our team works with huge projects, we have to manage a lot of data and sometimes it takes too much time. This is why we managed to automate Asana export to Google Sheets with third-party tools to free some time, which we use to spend solving other issues :D