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thanks for easy fuzzies :)

Thank you for writing this, Aaron. I'd be much more excited about participating in a forum with this cultural norm :) <3

Hey Jan - thanks for this piece.

"The hierarchical model is probably neither feasible nor desirable - central organizations such as CEA do not have the capacity to collect all relevant information, distill it, and provide detailed guidance.

The fully distributed model probably either requires too much overhead for all organizations or leads to only loose coordination.

What seems to be the most appropriate compromise is the model of a dedicated coordination facilitator. That is, someone, or some specific organization, facilitates coordination. This seem a role which can be filled by central organizations, or also, for example, by regional organizations on a rotating basis."

^^could you explain what you mean by hierarchical vs distributed?

Hey Sebastian & Philip, thanks for this really helpful post. I'm currently helping to run Yale EA through a CEA Community Grant and there were some great tips here. There are a couple of thing's I'd be very interested to hear more about:

  • Would it be possible to see a copy of the survey which sought your members' "views on key bottlenecks and promising projects"?
  • If you'd be willing to share, what was the project you didn't end up doing after getting external advice on your prioritisation? Was it "to find and read resources (mainly blog posts) made by other community builders"? And, if so, what was the reasoning behind de-prioritising?
  • I think an example entry for the project prio spreadsheet would be really useful for me to get a clearer sense (and as a side note - do you think your fully filled-out prio spreadsheet would be applicable to other groups, or do you think it's too Denmark-specific to be useful and thus seeing it might confuse / bias other group organisers' prios? I imagine at least some of the columns would be somewhat constant between groups.)
  • Are there slides / instructions of some kind to potentially replicate the "interactive workshops on Productivity and Effective Learning"? Do have some sense of why your members found these so useful / positive aspects of these that other groups running workshops could replicate?
  • I'm still not entirely sure I understand what you mean by "Make batches of your projects", and how this model differs from assessing each individual project, and ordering them in terms of the factors you described, then going down the list in order.


Hey Jan, this is really great - thanks for writing it up! Do you have a doc you could share with the pub quiz questions you used?