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Unrelated to this post, but FYI I think some of the downvotes you’ve received on other posts are because generic productivity advice at least usually isn’t a category of post which this forum is intended for. (Also, most EAs are the types of people who are probably familiar with most e genetic productivity tips already).

Exceptions may be if it is a long list, or something that has been extremely novel or life-changing for you.

Your productivity tips may be better off being posted as Shortform instead of as Posts.

I think there is a very strong right-wing case to be made for alt proteins, i.e, “This is an example of how private businesses can solve climate change via capitalism and innovation”, and alt protein advocates should be making this case inside right wing political parties.

Is the impact of falling birth rates expected to be so large that we won't be able to sustain innovation through other means (eg - directing far more resources towards innovation, optimising the innovation process etc)?

Even more reason to think that transitioning to socialism is not tractable - some people will fight against it like hell!

"Thinking in terms of group rather than individual agency makes transition from capitalism to socialism appear more tractable."

I disagree. There is a long history of large, organised, and well-funded groups failing to engineer transitions to socialism within individual countries, let alone a global transition to socialism.

I'd also like to add "backlash effects" to this, and specifically effects where advocacy for AI Safety policy ideas which are far outside the Overton Window have the inadvertent effect of mobilising coalitions who are already opposed to AI Safety policies.

I think Yudkowsky's public discussion of nuking data centres has "poisoned the well" and had backlash effects.

I think this is really worrying, and I think it’s also surprising how little work I’ve seen trying to explain it.

One view I’ve come across is that the public are so traumatised from Covid that they want to avoid thinking about pandemics.

FWIW I think this kind of post is extremely valuable. I may not see him as very EA-aligned but identifying very rich people who might be a bit EA-aligned is very good because the movement could seek to engage with them more and potentially get funding for some impactful stuff.

"Most charities seem much less effective than the most effective for-profit organizations, and most of the good in the world seems achieved by for-profit companies."

I disagree but even I did agree, per dollar of investment, I think the best charities far outpeform the best for-profit companies in terms of social impact, and we can do a reasonable job of identifying the best charities, such that donating a lot of money to these charities should be seen as a necessary component of being EA-aligned if you're rich.

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