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Is It Impactful to Breathe Less?

Something seems a little bit off in this cost-benefit analysis to me. You seem to compare the tiny tiny cost of delaying one breath to the sizable accumulated  impact of 1 billion people doing this for a year.  But that is not really helpful to get an intuition. The tiny tiny cost of delaying breathing once will also accumulate if 1 billion people do this for a year.

Of course, it is still possible that the accumulated cost is lower than the accumulated benefit. But in a way, this whole accumulation does not matter. All that matters is if the cost is higher than the benefit. 

The case for becoming a black-box investigator of language models

Nice post!

Do you think a person working on this should also have some basic knowledge of ML? Or might it be better to NOT have that, to have a more "pure" outsider view on the behaviour of the models?

Using TikTok to indoctrinate the masses to EA

I personally think the risks of these videos are relatively low because they do not mention EA. People who are convinced by the ideas in the jokes might start a google search and eventually find EA. Those that feel disgusted by the jokes might just think "what an idiot" and stop there. I doubt they would go on to search about what this is all about, find EA, and then try to act against that.

Bryan Caplan meets Socrates

Just wanted to let you know that this was super amusing to read (including the hyper-linked content)! Some nostalgia for time in high-school when I was translating this stuff in Ancient Greek class :D

What is most confusing to you about AI stuff?

(I have completely no expertise in AI, but this is what I always felt personally confused about)
How are we going to know/measure/judge whether our efforts to prevent AI risks are actually helping? Or how much they are helping? 

How to Improve China-Western Coordination on EA Issues?

Hi Michael, great to hear you are interested in the intersection of EA work and China and have expertise to bring in!

You may be interested in our Slack community, the form of interest is here: