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Location: Sydney, Australia
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: I'm in a process of visa application so not really the best time but I'm open to it.
Skills: Outreach - I'm a creative video producer with skills ranging from writing, videography, video editing, 2D animation, motion design, podcast editing. In other word, a video generalist one man band. I've created a YouTube channel and a podcast on futurism called The Flares. My skills suit any EA organisations who need to promote their work/ideas.
Notes: My main focus is longtermism and Xrisks (I'm currently producing an educational series on the topic) but I wouldn't exclude working on other cause areas. My current daily job is to make videos for businesses and corporations. It pays the bills, but I’m feeling more and more dissatisfied by the lack of meaning to what I do. I'm looking to work on more EA related projects.
Available from and until: Now onwards, on a contract basis or full-time.

I'm glad the post  generated some interest and thank you for the links and further reading