Hey there, I'm a member of Effective Altruism France and my local group in Sydney, Australia. 

I'm also the co-founder of  "The Flares", a French non-profit focusing on the future of humanity through communication. We produce videos and podcasts on topics such as space, AI, X-risks and sustainability among others. We are trying to bring important issues regarding the future to a general audience, especially content that is widespread in English but not necessarily in French. One way is to invite English-speaking experts to our podcast and caption the whole conversation in French. Anders Sandberg, Stuart Armstrong, Otto Barten are a few examples of previous guests, and we have a long list of potential guests we want to invite.

In December 2021, I received support from Open Philanthropy to produce 3 animated videos on longtermism, in French, to be published on our YouTube channel. It was part of an outreach mission to produce EA-related content in major world languages other than English.

I took the role of creative producer and scriptwriter and went for a 2d animation style. An illustrator/animator, sound designer/music composer, and a voice-over artist completed the team.

After 12 months or so, I'm pleased to have published the 3 episodes and would like to share them here as well if you are interested. The content is in French, but I have included English captions that can be activated via the YouTube player.

Here is the playlist of the series.

Of course, feel free to give me any feedback :)

Thank you




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