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I participated in Prague Fall Season 2022 and since then I've been an EA / Research Nomad. Fixed Point was, by far, the best office space I've been to. 

Some additional pros of Fixed Point (which weren't all there in other locations):

  • Five minutes from Fixed Point, there's a huge park. It's ideal for having walking conversations or taking your mind off research and getting into nature.
  • There are a lot of  high-quality (and cheap) restaurants within walking distance
    • Also one of the best cheesecake cafes I've ever been at
  • Same for coffee and tea places
  • There is a calisthenics park nearby (for when the weather is warm and you want to exercise outside).

So yeah, Fixed Point is the best office space ever!

P.S. And no, I'm not being "sponsored" by Czech EAs to write, nor do I get any other benefits. :-P It's just that I really loved being there, I believe in the work that they're doing, and I felt that just an "upvote" wasn't enough. :-)