Geofrey Junior Waako

Founder & ED @ Youth for Animals and Veganism Africa
6 karmaJoined Working (0-5 years)Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda



I am a passionate advocate for farmed animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and susutainable food systems. With a background in law, I have dedicated my career to driving positive change through policy advocacy. As the founder and Executive Director of Youth for Animals and Veganism Africa (YAVA), I lead initiatives promoting plant-based living and combating industrial agriculture across Africa. Additionally, I serve as a ProVeg Youth Board member and a World Food Forum Youth Representative for 2024, where I contribute to global discussions on sustainable food systems. My diverse experiences enable me to effectively advocate for policy reforms, raise awareness, and mobilize resources to create a more compassionate and sustainable world for all beings.

How others can help me

I am looking for an opportunity to collaborate with professionals and organizations that share a commitment to animal welfare, sustainable living, and the promotion of a plant-based lifestyle. Seeking mentorship and guidance in the legal field, especially concerning ethical practices and animal rights, would greatly contribute to my growth. Connecting with individuals and groups dedicated to positive change and ethical living will enhance our collective impact.

How I can help others

I can contribute to others by sharing my knowledge and experiences in promoting animal welfare, veganism, and sustainable living. As a law student, I can offer insights into legal aspects related to ethical practices, animal rights, and environmental protection. Additionally, my background in student activism equips me to provide guidance on initiating and managing projects aligned with the United Nations SDGs, particularly those focused on good health and wellbeing. I am eager to support and collaborate with individuals and organizations striving for positive change and ethical living.


Happy that such events bring all actors on board irrespective of their origin. Africa has been engaged. I also pray that the youth, especially from Africa be brought onboard as well. Africa is the youngest continent in the world, and if systemic change is to be realized, youth need to be actively engaged and included.

Here from kampala, this is a wonderful idea. It will give us a chance to know each other inperson and expand the EA network across the continent.

AI is a potentially destructive phenomenon if it is not well managed and like with all historical disruptors, Africa has always been affected severely by such developments- We are still in the journey of adapting, adopting and learning the current state-of-the-art technologies and yet AI is growing at a jet-like speed. I believe that more sensitization in Africa is a viable stepping stone to addressing the challenges that come with Artificial Intelligence.

We hope the EA members from the Global South, especially Sub-Sahara Africa will be considered.