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Low-Commitment Less Wrong Book (EG Article) Club

I would be interested. I am part of an EA The Precipice reading group right now, but going forward I would enjoy some conversations around some other books/ideas. I am all about the low commitment in life. 

I appreciate your litany of questions. I would add, there are animals that would eat us if they could, so I suppose at one time our species was more equal or less depending on conditions. If we would like to speculate about possible life forms not currently bound to this earth and their dietary needs, we might want to hope we did not appear too essential or tasty to them. Alway valuable for me to question on occasion why I personally engage in EA.

Did anyone forecast a "Cuban Missile Crisis"- like event in a similar fashion some are forecasting other risks today?

Going one hundred years back from 1962 to 1862, the US was in the Civil War, an event of mass casualties and devastation. I suppose somebody was looking for the weapon capable of delivering the decisive blow. If so, it might be possible they pondered an act of mutually assured destruction.

The Explanatory Obstacle of EA

This was very helpful for me. I am half way through an 8 week intro session and this article was a well needed correction to the drift I was caught up in.