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A letter to a 15th century person

Dear friend from the past, this letter might surprise you. I'm also surprised to have this weird opportunity.  Sadly I am writing to you with some bad news. You have been involved in some moral tragedy (although not directly) you had contributed implicitly to perpetuate the exclusion and extermination of an important lineage of people , they called themselves the protectors of creation, the carriers of  thought and the imagination of all the things to come.

Although it is true that  their practices and rituals might seem strange at first sight: they praise the sun instead of God and feel a deep connection with the land and not for mankind. Furthermore, they leave some parts of their body uncovered without any kind of guilt.  But for some unknown reason ,they are the carriers of an important message, one that  has been forgotten by  our own culture a long time ago:  we are part of the whole and we need to be respectful and grateful with all living things. You might be wondering about the meaning of these words? trust me I  didn’t understand them fully either. But I think there is no other message that could resemble  the solutions for one of the important problems that we are facing as humankind.

I don’t have much more time left ,  there aren't enough words to condense to you  all the great inventions and ideas that have changed our story in many ways. But for now I want you to reconsider your  importance and your special role  in an unprecedented historical moment, which will expand the limits of what geographers consider as written. Please don't underestimate your value , and the value of your relatives , you still got the chance to make an impact with your own actions. You still got the chance to preserve wisdom and let future generations benefit.