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Hi Rohin, thanks for your feedback. Even if it mentions many bad points and personal opinion, it's highly valuable to keep improving our product :) Let me reply to each of them.

  1. Inability to cancel a meeting  is actually a critical bug, that will be fixed in our weekly release tomorrow.
  2. Slot time and duration are defined by the event organiser, as most of the time they prefer to decide it themselves. But we plan to add an option that the organiser will be able to enable in order to "let participant define their own time slot"
  3. You can have only one upcoming meeting with a same participant, once it's past, you can book a new one.
  4. Actually only Event Organiser can edit a meeting location. But that's a good feedback that we have added to our backlog.
  5. Having duplicate conversations is not ideal I agree, we are currently working on a better solution for this.
  6. Good feedback, we will disable the ability to exit the modal by clicking outside if there is a message already written. Will be done this month.
  7. You can manage  per slot your availability, in order to not receive meeting request on some specific slots. We do not have yet something automatic linked to session attendance, it's in our backlog, along with the "Calendar view".
  8. Events happening at the same time are grouped below a time sticky header. Calendar View can improve readability on some specific cases (wide screen only, not too many sessions that overlap)
  9. Connection feature allow people to get in touch, have a private conversation, personal note and scoring on each contact, exchange their contact details, and export them.
  10. This is weird, if you can provide a video it would be awesome, so we can reproduce and fix.
  11. Related to number 7.

Thanks all of you for your feedback and support, we work hard to make your event experience the best as possible, please continue sending us your thought or even apply to join us ! :)

Godefroy, CPO of Swapcard