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‘93. Angry. Depressed. Hypocritically denounces escapism. Intuitive foresight into long-term impacts of wide-spread meaninglessness. UBI-planner. Believes in the potential of individuals and people to a fault. Emotionally wounded by inefficiency and wasted momentum. Despises “new monarchy” and closed ecosystems.

Consoles and soothes my soul with rocks and tarot cards. Participates in a local shamanic community group.

Endlessly frustrated with people who tell me what they perceive as impossible.


Woof. This look’s exhausting. So I found out I’m on the autism spectrum. My energy for people saying things is… not a very high capacity. It’s been fun recently to stretch my curiosity with this AI https://chat.openai.com/chat But engaging with people is generally an overwhelming prospect.

I want to design a stupidly efficient system that revives public journalism and research, strengthens eco-conscious businesses challenged by competitors who manufacture unsustainable consumer goods, provides supplemental education for age groups to support navigating changing understanding and provide guidance for “better humaning and/or Earth/environmental custodianship”, and establish foundations for universal basic income. And probably design a functional healthcare system while I’m at it. And I want to burn targeted advertisement to the ground.

Thanks for giving me a space where I can say all these things.