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I do want to be clear that I now cannot watch the commercial without feeling sick (I just tested this theory). This is due to the apparent disconnect between the marketing of customer safety of funds and the reality of what seems to have been going on behind the scenes but, overall, I'm putting this post in my folder of "Hindsight is 20/20". 

Counterview: I liked the commercial a lot.  I knew close to nothing about crypto (and now more than I ever wanted to) but I thought it was really funny. I have a close friend who is an economist and he also thought it was clever and well-done. 

I have detailed subject matter knowledge here (responding to "very vague understanding of the sorts of pressures females face") and I thought the comments on poly were inappropriate and, only in so far as bigotted means "a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group", bigoted. I did not say that because I did not want to be unkind but I was very unimpressed. 

I didn't notice this comment and I think it's excellent. Thank you so much for sharing. 

See the heart-related, moderation request above. Berglund (aka. my new fav) has an excellent and I am told extra spicy new short form for this. 

Guys, please have a go at people on another person's post. God knows there are enough of them... This is exactly what I'm talking about and I will literally have a coronary. Lol.

I like your comment- thank you. I am really confused by the opposite view. I don't quite understand where Will as governor of EA comes from. There are influential organizations and thinkers in EA for sure but ownership and ultimate responsibility particularly cosmic responsibility for bad actors feels very different... I think something is obviously going on here which is important and once things are less awful we should try and dissect calmly, kindly, and deliberately.  

I'm placing myself on a ban because I'm not my best self right now but briefly:
1. "EA has this slightly weird, very opaque and untransparent, sort of unaccountable leadership which we trust with a lot of power. We treat them, in many ways, like "philosopher-kings" of the community."  
I don't think very many people treat him like this (certainly not the majority- literally, no one I know defers to him in this way and this strikes me as a super weird interpretation of his role in EA). But treating this as true how is this Will's fault? At no point do I personally remember Will standing on a podium of What We Owe The Future, screaming "I am your leader bow to me, peasants!" I think I would have remembered that. Sounds like a hoot. Instead, the, and so help me I don't know why I have to emphasize this, *living, breathing human being with feelings*  is a philosopher and an academic who had an idea and promoted it because he thought it would make the world a better place. This resulted in a community and organizations inspired by his ideas -- not  -- governed by him. It's a handful of organizations with distinct leaders and a handful of individuals with their own interpretations of his and other people's work. Maybe people who deferred to Will should be the ones who are pondering their own epistemics.
2. On Lantern Ventures:
There is a big difference between not wanting to work with someone because you don't like their ethics (looking at you Kerry) and thinking they are going to commit the century's worst fraud. Also, she's getting death threats. Do you not reckon she's suffering enough without her community adding their voices to the mob of people saying she should have known or that she could have prevented this? I remember when this stuff happened, it was on the periphery of EA at best. I literally don't think I thought about it for longer than around 10 minutes and I had friends personally involved at the time. My take was "Wow! Sam sounds like a bad manager" not "Uhoh best nail down the furniture."   
3. On Dancer, and a handful of other people being kind while being critical: 
Thank you. You can stay. ;)

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