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Questions to ask Will MacAskill about 'What We Owe The Future' for 80,000 Hours Podcast (possible new audio intro to longtermism)

How does it feel to have a large group of (mostly) younger people accept your word as truth and align their careers accordingly?

What are the most impactful roles that EAs are currently not entering (and why)?

I like this idea, and am also curious about whether they would be able to influence trajectory and what that might look like. 

Would the MO be to directly influence tech & bio leaders? Or indirectly influence them by getting citizens interested and applying pressure?

 I find ethics critical, but unfortunately am not sure how engagement around ethics could be enforced for  people who don't grok the importance. Maybe that's where governance and treaties come in.

Facilitating electoral reform

Yikes, overuse of acronyms drives me nuts and now I'm complicit.  Thanks for pointing this out. AV: Approval Voting.      RCV: Ranked Choice Voting      CES: The Center for Election Science.