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I came from a background of electronic engineering, and am now studying design engineering at Imperial and the Royal College of Art. I'm interested in many cause areas (I haven't narrowed down yet !) and I am really looking for opportunities to collaborate on projects.

How others can help me

I am looking for master's project ideas - I am currently studying MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial and for my final year solo project, I need implementable ideas (not a dissertation). I would love to dedicate my time to contribute to something really useful, and I am really open to collaboration.

How I can help others

I can offer a unique design engineering perspective for problem solving.


First time poster here.
I am currently doing my master's degree in design engineering at Imperial College London, and I am trying to create a project proposal around the topic of computational social choice and machine learning for ethical decision making. I'm struggling to find a "design engineering" take on this - what can I do to contribute in the field as a design engineer?

In terms of prior art, I've been inspired by MIT's Moral Machine, feeding ML models of aggregate ethical decisions from people. If anyone has any ideas on a des eng angle to approach this topic, please give me some pointers! 


Hi guys !

I posted about 2 weeks ago here asking for masters project ideas around the field of computational social choice and machine learning for ethical decision making.

To recap: I'm currently doing my master's project in design engineering at Imperial, where I need to find something impactful, implementable and innovative.

I really appreciated all the help I got on the post, however, I've hit a kind of dead end - I'm not sure I can find something within my scope with the time frame in the field I've chosen.

So now I'm asking for any project ideas which fit the above criteria. It can be in any field, and honestly, any points would really help. I want to take this project as the opportunity to really make something meaningful with the time I have here at uni.