Grant H Brenner

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Intriguing, passionate and timely initiatives.

I am curious how you are thinking about the psychology of the present/future (as informed by the past) in terms of EA.

For example, the future value of positively impacting how people think about the present and future could multiply the ostensibly more pragmatic use of funds, encourage individuals to think differently about risk-benefit, and lead to changes in decision-making. 

In addition to understanding the psychology and working on decision-making, the threat from distortions in the current information environment ("disinformation") and the difficulty people have in evaluating information, is likely to snowball (it already is).

Given the (formally) complex dynamics involved, working out how to interact with the system is critical. It also seems to me that large public projects may be an efficient way to get traction - I understand there has been exploration into entertainment media, and I also wonder about the arts.

There is ample and growing research on the above subjects, areas for development and application. Happy to hash it out and gratitude for your devotion.

Grant H Brenner