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Hi, I'm Luke Muehlhauser. AMA about Open Philanthropy's new report on consciousness and moral patienthood

How much weight do you give to the self-reports of long-term meditation practitioners on their experience of consciousness? Do they have a privileged perspective on the true nature of conscious experience?

Upcoming AMA with Luke Muehlhauser on consciousness and moral patienthood (June 28, starting 9am Pacific)

Hi, Steve. I'm an EA and also a neuroscience PhD student who studies astrocytes. As you might imagine, I totally agree that neuroscience perspectives are valuable for EA decisions. It's dismaying to me that physical and computer scientists are so well-represented in EA, but there are so few life scientists. I'm trying to figure out why this might be. Any ideas?

Regarding the ethics of animal experiments, I'm working on a project to create educational materials about the importance of environmental enrichment (IMHO the most important welfare issue for laboratory animals). I've actually applied to EA Grants for funding to create a website aimed at educating life scientists about this issue.

On the topic of astrocytes, you'll be happy to know that I asked Adam Marblestone about glia after his talk at EA Global in Boston. :)