I see on the website (https://www.non-trivial.org/program) that the short course is no longer presented. Now it is all about the fellowship. Is there a reason?

Very happy to see this! But for information, the Slack link is expired (if you update it, be careful because it's in multiple places in the article) @SofiaBalderson  @Cameron.K 

In a scenario where this tech works as well as we are dreaming of and has generalized in hundreds of millions of buildings: isn't there a risk of a general weakening of our immunity systems, making us more vulnerable over the medium-long run? 

Basic logic behind this question: certain/many classes of virus eradicated from many modern buildings => our bodies are generally less prepared to encounter it in other settings.

(epistemic status: I'm very ignorant in these fields)

Your next question seems like a crucial point to me. Bed nets are imperfect but since mosquitos can feed on on other animals, I suppose mosquito populations don't disappear when entire regions use bednets more often, they just slowly become less malaria-infected.

Very enthusiastic about this project, which I agree can fill an important gap in the learning journey. I will follow with great interest!

I think it would be relatively simple to replicate for languages other than English in the future. (after this passes beta phase, of course!)

Answer by GVAug 05, 201950

Not as high brow as other suggestions: How to make friends and influence people. It's useful for the most obvious reasons and also, in my opinion, an accessible nudge towards empathy thanks to the numerous examples.