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PS, I'm asking because I'm working on a "history of EA" video. The idea is that this is a nice narrative-driven way to explain the EA memeplex.

I gather that you think it's an issue worth correcting? Feel free to suggest a more correct phrasing for semafor and I'll pass it on.

If you interpret "the Effective Altruism Forum" as a metonym for "the people who use the forum", then it is true (like how you can say "Twitter is going nuts over this").

It's weird, but I don't see any reason to make a fuss about it.

Semafor has corrected the article.

Ah, thanks. You are right. 

I have tweeted them a correction.

I'm not not interested in this idea. 

I think the hard part would be coming up with ideas and writing copy for the calendar. Illustrations are time consuming but straightforward (and fun), and there are probably plug-and-play services for manufacture and distribution. 

One project I'm working on is compressing EA-related material into tweet form (eg), and a curated selection of these could form the backbone of the copy.

I've made a note in my calendar on September 1 next year to revisit this idea and see if I've got enough raw material for put something together for 2024.

If someone else wants to participate (writing, ideas, illustrations, or even accountability check-ins), DM me or leave a comment and this'll be much more likely to happen.

"Rescue someone from a body of water (triple point if it is a child)"

"Back-of-the-envelope calculation about how many envelopes there are in the world. Must be written on the back of an actual envelope."

"Trolley problems: Take a picture of a train that is behind schedule"

"Schelling Challenge: Without communicating with them, meet up with another group. Points are k to the power of n where n is the number of groups successfully meeting."


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