The map is available at

No catchy URL this time unfortunately.

This builds on prior work by AI Safety map and The Big Funding Spreadsheet.

As with the previous map, please suggest changes to the map via spreadsheet.

Thanks to Damin Curtis whose research was the basis for this.

And thanks to Nonlinear for funding this venture. They have a message: "If you'd like to get funding for or fund an AI governance project, applications for the latest round of the close on March 29th."

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Amazing work!

1) What did you make it in?
2) How difficult was it?
3) Is it open source?

Looks good - I think you might need a section for grassroots advocacy soon. E.g. PauseAI.

This is really interesting, thank you. As an aside, am I the only one getting an unsecured network warning for

[This comment is no longer endorsed by its author]Reply

Thanks for pointing that out! 

It was happening on my colleague's computer too, and we did something that fixed it on his end. Is it still happening on your computer? 

Regardless, it should always be fine if you type in (for some reason, it wasn't liking it if you didn't write the "www" )

Yeah, that's fixed for me :)


I did the technical magic of turning something on the website off and on again and apparently that fixed it. 

oh hmm.

Looks like doesn't throw that error. Will report this back to them.

No worries :) 

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