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I'm currently setting up a programme to support young EAs with UK university admissions. I'm an admissions consultant & former Oxford admissions & access officer, and developed my interests in EA through volunteering with SHIC, developing EA resources and programmes for schools.


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To update, the EA terminology was actually becoming problematic already for referrals for students engaged with outreach orgs, so I've updated the language both within the post and related materials to be more inclusive - many thanks for your insights on this Owen!

Thanks Owen! And thank you for raising this, it’s been something I’ve been thinking on and I agree a broader ‘positive impact’ framing could be better on a number of levels, and likely something I’d be looking to do if I scale to a larger project. My reasoning currently is more simply for practicalities for a small scale project (just me & my spare time!) with recruiting & screening students more broadly being less operationally feasible at this point.

Thanks Aris! The limiting factors are as you guess - I’m limited by my own capacity and starting out with the UK purely because that’s my own strongest area of expertise. But likewise hope to scale in both capacity and global reach - thank you for your encouragement! I’m currently effectively in a pilot phase assessing demand and impact prior to potentially scaling further. If so, I’d be looking to either develop my own global admissions expertise and/or find regional admissions specialists - I’d love to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting involved!