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Thank you! I will be listening with great interest!

Thank you  - 

"it's emotionally hard to keep one's eyes open to the problems of the world, while understanding what's possible to do about it, while also trying to understand one's own limitations."

This might be exactly what is underlying the problem: it is hard as an individual as it is to find the balance between ambitions and attention to pressing issues, and knowing that it is hard to make some difference or change, no matter how hard you try. I love my spouse for exactly that (among many other things!)  - which makes it even more difficult for myself to weigh in with other perspectives , or to even suggest that we leave the EA professional field outside our front door.

Thank you! Great post with a healthy approach -  aimed at EAs. I am not EA, just married into it.

Thank you for your kind comment.

Thank you - a consolation that I am not the only one!