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[link post] The Case for Longtermism in The New York Times

I've found '12ft.io' works similarly, fwiw. Per its FAQ, it shows the cached version of the page that Google uses to index content to show in search results

Cover story on EA in Time magazine

Same here -- Will MacAskill's publicists are doing a great job getting EA in the public eye right as What We Owe the Future looms. (Speaking of which, the front page of this Sunday's New York Times opinion section  is The Case for Longtermism!)  

On a slight tangent, as a university organizer, I've noticed that few college students have heard of EA at all (based on informal polling outside a dining hall, ~<10%). It'll be interesting to see if/how all this contemporary coverage changes that.

[link post] The Case for Longtermism in The New York Times

I'm also a bit surprised at how many of the comments are concerned about overpopulation. The most-recommended comment is essentially the tragedy of the commons. That comment's tone - and the tone of many like it, as well as a bunch of anti-GOP ones - felt really fatalistic, which worries me. So many of the comments felt like variations on "we're screwed", which goes against the belief in a net-positive future upon which longtermism is predicated.

On that note, I'll shoutout Jacy's post from about a month ago, echoing those fears in a more-EA way.