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I am posting on behalf of NTI:

“Through careful management and deployment of our resources, and under the oversight of an internationally renowned board of directors, NTI has operated for more than 20 years to address existential threats to humanity and the planet. Over these two decades, and with the generous support of our donors, our work has created lasting impact to address catastrophic nuclear and biological threats. We intend to do so for many more years to come, as the mission challenges that NTI addresses are both urgent and multi-generational.  

“In recent years, we have engaged in multiple discussions with SoGive and are grateful for the support they have provided. While we respect Sanjay Joshi’s right to express his opinions, we disagree with the premise of his piece and many of the statements made about NTI. We appreciated the opportunity to review his document before it was posted, but because it contained so many errors of fact, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations, we decided that addressing them line-by-line would not be productive.  

“Ultimately, we believe donors should consider whether organizations with healthy balance sheets may be better positioned to make the long-term, sustained effort needed to address existential threats. We feel strongly that organizations like NTI, with long-term goals and projects, must operate with a multi-year focus to ensure the best problem-solving approaches and outcomes. This requires a strong fiscal foundation, sustained by dedicated resource development year-by-year. We are proud of our track record over more than two decades and believe it simply cannot be matched by smaller, shorter-term, less sustainable, and less financially flexible organizations working in the nuclear and biological threat-reduction space. 

“We deeply value the Effective Altruism community, in particular our ongoing dialogue on nuclear threats and valuable engagement with our work to reduce catastrophic biological risks. We welcome future dialogue and collaboration with the EA community—and others—about NTI’s mission, program work, and impact.” 

Thanks for putting this together Maya! I hope you get a good number of people taking part!!