How bad is coronavirus really?

Such an answer is exactly what I am looking for!

How bad is coronavirus really?

I’m curious about people’s evaluations of (2)— how long would that go on? How bad would it really be compared to the losses from shutdown?

Harvard's Agathon Career Fellowship: A Post-mortem

iirc, we actually did prompt them to take the exit survey and give them time to fill it out during the fourth meeting, but clearly not everyone did. But my memory of that is really not clear. We had been in breakout groups most of that session so maybe there was too much disorder when we asked them to take a survey at the end of that. And if we had done that then they wouldn't have had their one-on-one meetings with us yet.

For the 9 month follow-up we just sent them an email.

Only a few people decide about funding for community builders world-wide

Don't forget that a lot of groups have other funding sources available, especially student groups. The EA groups at Harvard make use of CEA, and we wouldn't be able to do as much without money from CEA, but we have plenty of other funding sources (such as Harvard and well-off alum EAs) and many of our events cost only volunteer labor.

Problems in effective altruism and what to do about them

Is it really a matter of incorrectness or just that you think that argument is really important and he didn’t include it? There are plenty of innocent reasons he might not have included that argument or many others. He might have thought it was a weak argument or maybe didn’t include it because it wasn’t relevant to his personal objections to NU.

Problems in effective altruism and what to do about them

But Peter, he just didn't have time and the CV issue was too unimportant (not to publish-- just too unimportant to verify):

The issue with Bostrom’s CV is a minor thing compared to the other things I write about in this text. For example, if I were to ask Bostrom something, I would rather ask him about the seemingly problematic behaviour of the organisation FHI he leads. There are also many other people that I mention in this text who I could have asked about more important things than a CV before publishing this text. But I doubt I would have time for that work, so I prefer to write based on the information I have in a hedged way using phrases such as ‘I doubt’ and ‘I suspect.’

Anon, do you think publishing something that attacks people's individual reputations and damages the reputation of negative utilitarians as a whole despite "not having time" to do it right is an acceptable practice?

Problems in effective altruism and what to do about them

What's unacceptable about this in your opinion, anon account?

Problems in effective altruism and what to do about them

None of the accusations here is shocking, and often they reflect the author's naivete more than any wrongdoing on the part of the accused. Assistants contribute to writing books (however, private correspondence is meant to stay private). Organizations set ethical standards for the conducting and sharing of their research. People present themselves in the best light possible. Will is a co-founder of EA, not of the idea of maximizing social impact, but of the set of ideas and practices that governs this community today.

Problems in effective altruism and what to do about them

I don't like Toby's "Why I'm Not a Negative Utilitarian" essay because I think it doesn't engage good arguments in favor of NU (to which I am partial). But I don't think it's in any way dishonest for him to have written an informal essay describing his views on the matter. I found it immensely helpful in understanding Toby's writings about the kind of utilitarianism he endorses.

Why did MyGiving need to be replaced? And why is the EffectiveAltruism.org replacement so bad?

I really appreciate this! Thank you! And I feel lucky to get any free tools like this. I was just irked because I didn’t understand the need for the change. I feel much better about the loss of the recurring donations functionality now that I know the old platform was at the end of its life.

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