Gleitsman Fellow, MPP| US Policy Specialist @ Harvard University | Nuclear Threat Initiative, Council on Foreign Relations, Cambridge University
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Hi all! I just graduated with a master's in public policy and as a Gleitsman Fellow from Harvard University. I am based in DC working as US Policy Specialist, engagi with different facets of the US Government on AI policy and risks from other technologies. 

I have worked at Council on Foreign Relations for Global Health and Nuclear Threat Initiative on biosecurity. I was also a Fellow at Cambridge Existential Risk Institute and Swiss Existential Risk Institute. 

I graduated with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in International Policy from the London School of Economics. I have interests in catastrophic biological risks, global governance, AI, and international security. I have published co-authored work in Foreign Affairs, the Lancet, the UN, and other platforms. 

How others can help me

Talk about AI convergence and coordinating AI policy engagement across DC. 

How I can help others

I can help the others in the areas of: 1. Advocacy and communication: I have a background in activism, public speaking and public interviewing. I have also organized public-facing conferences on x-risk. 2. Global health governance: I have work experience in working on both natural and engineered pandemics, their political/legal ramifications, and global health governance.