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I keep going beck to this part, because this is what could make this so successful.

"... they get the same product, at the same price, but profits benefit charities rather than shareholders. Essentially, it is a no-brainer... the consumer can do good without losing money or changing habits... A movement that enables everyday people to help charities..."

Because at the end of the day, people can be pretty lazy (Including myself).

Newman's Own is an example of this. You're gonna buy pasta sauce anyway, might as well go with Newman's.

Even if it just gets the ball rolling, once you know companies who do good, it's easier to know what to look for and where to look.

I know so many millennials and zoomers that do want to do better for the world and its people, but are so overwhelmed they dont know how or where to start. One spot that breaks it down to "this product you will buy anyway is also good because it does x, y, z, which is better then just lining another millionares pockets" would be so helpful for them.

So often I hear "look at this amazing thing.... that I unfortunately got from amazon... but look! It will cut down on my plastic usage/good waste/ect. So it kinda evens out." So I'm rather excited to see this get off the ground.