I work as Software Tester and donate a part of my income.

I got into EA in 2012.


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Mental support for EA partners?

Ozy wrote a great post about the being a more and less dedicated EAs.

EA-break, EA-slow

Take care! 

I can say the comic resonates very well with my experience :) of the EA-break I took in 2018. 

Take the time you need and remember it's ok to not return to EA if that's best.

What Is Most Important For Your Productivity?

Nice! I'm wondering what others people's answers are. 

Mine is a little bit different and doesn't have much to do with indvidual productivity, but how to coordinate with others. It applies more to people working in tightly interconnected teams. (And I do not master this skill myself).

minimize waiting for other people

If I don't move forward with (especially bigger) things at work it is often because I need to wait for someone else.
Avoid being dependent on others as much as you can. Come up with workarounds. Ask your access and permissions as early as possible.
But when you inevitably do need something from someone, don't be afraid to ask, and don't don't don't procrastinate it. Be clear in what you ask them and why. When you finally got the a time slot with a busy person, be well-prepared so that you can ask and discuss everything in one session. Respect your colleague's time and priorities - they might be juggling many balls and yours is only one of them.

Be reliable yourself and avoid that others need to wait for you - treat others the way you want to be treated. If it's many times the same person that you need to wait for, discuss it with your manager, the person themselves, or the team (whatever is most appropriate in your situation).

Don't beat yourself up if you're unproductive because your most important task is on hold. If you need to wait for a short time, take a break instead or do something simple, rather than switching to another complex task.

Today I woudn't have gotten anything done if I didn't find out a way to insert my test data into the database myself rather than wait 2 days for my colleague before they have time to prepare me an interface.

(Crossposted from local group slack where someone else shared a link to this article)
Edited for more context.

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

Calling them "truths" goes too far for me.

I have beliefs that very few people agree with me on, but I would not call them "truths". Some of them are not beliefs about objective facts, and even those that are about facts, I am less than 99.9 percent sure that they are true.

If I'm 20% less productive, do I have 20% less expected impact?

Another case where you lose >20% with 20% less hours: earning to give as normal employee (not as entrepreneur).

Salary is ~ linear with the hours worked. You can only donate the part of the salary above a certain baseline because you need the rest for your living costs*. Let's say you can donate 40% of your salary if you work 40h/week. If you work 32h/week, can only donate 20% of a full-time salary. That's 50% less impact for 20% less hours.

Caveat 1: You can also donate a fixed percentage, then it doesn't work like this.
Caveat 2: I'm neglecting non-donation impact here.

Mid-career people: strongly consider switching to EA work

Question to the author (or someone else who made a similar transition): how much more/less motivated are you for your "EA work" versus your old "non-EA work" on a day to day basis?

Mid-career people: strongly consider switching to EA work

Is that only true for people who have a very good track reckord or are very talented or skilled?

Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics

Strong upvoted because of the clear distinction between productivity/business expenses and spending money for fun/personal consumption.

Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics

Not sure if this is in any way a valid perspective of looking at it:

I wonder how the big spending looks in the perspective of a small donor. Say, a person with a median income within a rich country who gives a 1-10 percent of their salary away.

I used to "earn-to-give" with a after-tax salary of 11 euros/hour. That's  a lot compared to the global average! This was enough to donate >10 percent. But my past self's hour worked could fund maybe a few minutes (?)  of a researcher (I don't know what EA researchers earn) - and it might have been worth it. 

It makes me think of this comment. Again, not sure if it's a valid point.

Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics

I agree we should be careful with the "spend money to save time" guideline. It can be self-serving because spending time to save money can be unpleasant. 

Also, there is the danger that you get used to the luxury of spending money to save time. If your situation changes, or need to update your estimate of the value of your time to a lower value, you should be willing to spend the time and not the money! (I hope this does not happen to you, but it may happen e.g. you need to move to your career plan B/C/Z)

This also applies to other luxuries. 

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