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I work as Software Tester and donate a part of my income.

I got into EA in 2012.


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Answer by ImmaNov 28, 20226

2 small donations through Effektiv Spenden.

  • Their climate change fund - according to their description, this adds money to the organizations recommended by Giving Green and Founders Pledge. I don't prioritize climate change as a cause area, but I give a fixed amount per year to climate charities and Effektiv Spenden supports this one. Why? I do believe climate change is a big problem. Many people feel helpless about climate change, and by donating to a climate charity I can signal that there is a way to actually help - beyond consumption choices. This is also a donation I might be able to talk openly about.
  • Their animal welfare fund - mostly ACE recommended charities. The animal welfare movement is quite funding constrained (I've heard from people from ACE that recommended charities usually(or never?) get their funding gap** filled completely) and evidence-based animal welfare is a new and growing field.

Unfortunately I will not move a lot of money this year, nor will I spend a lot of time thinking about my donations. But I am happy that I can do at least this little bit.

* I thought that, if everyone with an income similar to mine would do this, the climate would be in a better state, but I was wrong. I quickly fact-checked this. This article on nature.com says "The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that an annual investment of $2.4 trillion is needed in the energy system alone until 2035 to limit temperature rise to below 1.5 °C from pre-industrial levels.". I understand from the article this includes funding from governments and companies. I am not going to disclose my income and my donation budget here, but I can say that my donation is much less than a fair share of this 2.4 trillion. (It may be, if my donation is unusually cost-effective). - apparently it's damn hard to fix climate change.

** there may be difference between funding gap that the org believes they have themselves, and the funding gap that ACE thinks the org has. I mean the latter.

Answer by ImmaNov 21, 202318

If animal welfare is a priority cause for you, the Animal Advocacy Careers' Bottlenecks survey is helpful.

As another way of understanding this trade-off, we asked meta respondents the following question: “Imagine an individual who is skilled and motivated enough to be a good (but not outstanding) candidate for roles in effective animal advocacy nonprofits. I.e., after a few applications, they are likely to secure a role, but they are not likely to be substantially better than the next best candidate, at least in their first paid role. How much money would you estimate that that person would have to be able to donate per year, on average, to effective animal advocacy nonprofits, to be indifferent (from an impact perspective) between focusing on a career “earning to give” vs. a career in animal advocacy nonprofits?”[28] The average answer given was $28,200, with a range from $100 to $90,000.[29]

Don't take these numbers literally. But it can give you some guidance.

It depends on the living costs, but my impression is that there are people earning (much!) less 100k/year for whom ETG is the best they can do.

For other cause area's I don't know, sorry.

Bay Area is one of GWWC's priority areas to start a local group.

Answer by ImmaSep 13, 202315

Someone knowledgeable about

  • Wild Animal Welfare (Please help me suggest a name)
  • Animal Sentience (Rethink Priorities? - please help me suggest a name)
  • Intersection between Animal Welfare and AI Alignment/governance (Please help me suggest a name)

Someone from Doneer Effectief, Effektiv Spenden, De Tien Procent Club or another local Effective giving org

I avoid flying and travel by train instead (most of the time)=> even if it costs me a substantial part of my limited vacation time. I could compensate my extra emissions many times if I donated (my hourly salary)*(time saving) to a giving green top charity - but I don't do it.

I don't think this is very inconsistent with EA values.

80k is not the only one who provides altruistic career advice. You can check out

There are probably a few more.

Welcome to the EA forum. Great to hear that you would like to donate :).

You can find information about charity selection and tax on the Doneer Effectief website. You can donate to GiveWell recommended charities via Doneer Effectief, but also to a few other charities. They also have a page with info about tax - but you may want read the website of the Belastingdienst to double check. (I can try to find the info in English for you upon request).

If you are looking for a community where you can talk about giving and charity selection, see De Tien Procent Club which is specific for the Netherlands, and Giving What We Can which is international.

How important is it for (small-ish) donors to be knowledgeable about effective giving? They can just defer to charity evaluators.

Related question: what other initiatives might help here?

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