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I work as Software Tester and donate a part of my income.

I got into EA in 2012.


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Answer by ImmaNov 28, 20225

2 small donations through Effektiv Spenden.

  • Their climate change fund - according to their description, this adds money to the organizations recommended by Giving Green and Founders Pledge. I don't prioritize climate change as a cause area, but I give a fixed amount per year to climate charities and Effektiv Spenden supports this one. Why? I do believe climate change is a big problem. Many people feel helpless about climate change, and by donating to a climate charity I can signal that there is a way to actually help - beyond consumption choices. This is also a donation I might be able to talk openly about.
  • Their animal welfare fund - mostly ACE recommended charities. The animal welfare movement is quite funding constrained (I've heard from people from ACE that recommended charities usually(or never?) get their funding gap** filled completely) and evidence-based animal welfare is a new and growing field.

Unfortunately I will not move a lot of money this year, nor will I spend a lot of time thinking about my donations. But I am happy that I can do at least this little bit.

* I thought that, if everyone with an income similar to mine would do this, the climate would be in a better state, but I was wrong. I quickly fact-checked this. This article on says "The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that an annual investment of $2.4 trillion is needed in the energy system alone until 2035 to limit temperature rise to below 1.5 °C from pre-industrial levels.". I understand from the article this includes funding from governments and companies. I am not going to disclose my income and my donation budget here, but I can say that my donation is much less than a fair share of this 2.4 trillion. (It may be, if my donation is unusually cost-effective). - apparently it's damn hard to fix climate change.

** there may be difference between funding gap that the org believes they have themselves, and the funding gap that ACE thinks the org has. I mean the latter.


Elsewhere, Holden makes this remark about the optimal timing of donations:

Right now there aren’t a lot of obvious places to donate (though you can donate to the Long-Term Future Fund12 if you feel so moved).

  • I’m guessing this will change in the future, for a number of reasons.13
  • Something I’d consider doing is setting some pool of money aside, perhaps invested such that it’s particularly likely to grow a lot if and when AI systems become a lot more capable and impressive,14 in case giving opportunities come up in the future.
  • You can also, of course, donate to things today that others aren’t funding for whatever reason.

And in footnote 13:

 I generally expect there to be more and more clarity about what actions would be helpful, and more and more people willing to work on them if they can get funded. A bit more specifically and speculatively, I expect AI safety research to get more expensive as it requires access to increasingly large, expensive AI models.


I'm taking the quote out of context a little bit here. I don't know if Holden's guess that giving opportunities will increase is one of OpenPhil's reasons to spend at a low rate. There might be other reasons. Also, Holden is talking about individual donations here, not necessarily about OpenPhil spending.

I'm adding it here because it might help answer the question "Why is the spending rate so low relative to AI timelines?" even though it's only tangentially relevant.


If you don't want to (fully) rely on ACE, you might want to look at the Animal Welfare Fund or Founder's Pledge. Also Open Philanthropy Project works on animal welfare.


You can also publish this post as a question :)


In 2018, someone expressed concerns with ACE's research (link) and ACE responded to these concerns (link). I vaguely remember they were relying too heavily on the cost-effectiveness of things like leafletting and online ads, which later turned out to be not as cost-effective as initially thought. There was also the criticism that they did not independently check the charity's claims about how successful corporate campagins are. (e.g. if corporates follow through)

ACE has a more challenging task than GiveWell regarding evidence-based charity. There has been much more research from RCTs and other studies in global health and development, than in animal welfare. However, has been a lot of progress in corporate campagns in recent years, so I guess ACE can build upon a larger evidence base now than they could back in 2018.

There was also criticism about ACE's approach to social justice. See here and please also note the edits and responses linked on the top. As always, social justice is a sensitive topics.

I personally decided to trust ACE's assessment of charities.

See also this recent comment .


It is really unfortunate that the existing evidence about work hours as mentioned in Lynette's post is so weak and we need to make decisions based on anecdotical evidence because there is nothing better. It seems to me quite an important topic to study and I wonder why it is not happening.

Maybe it's just really hard to study properly but even then it might be worth it.


I am impressed and wish I could do that!

This may not apply to highly intellectual or creative work (as in David__Althaus' comment), but I don't have that kind of job. Tunnel vision is still a potential downside, but that may be mitigated by devoting a part of your work time to maintaining your epistemics.


Something happens when you start working 60+ hours a week where (in my experience) you begin to have blinders to everything else outside of that work.

Maintaining strong mutually beneficially relationships is underrated. And eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is underrated.

Do you still do the latter when you are in a 60+ h/week period?


Is this page of GWWC what you have in mind?

Edit: this page is even better.


I am Dutch and I am excited about doneer effectief. Would a separate post to raise funds for doneer effectief be worth a post on it's own? See also posts tagged "funding request".

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