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Projects I'd like to see

FYI, the subject of unification versus diversity is one the EoST community debates with great frequency and vigour: bio mimicry may suggest that diversity is nature's way of helping us survive ...

However, for unity of purpose, some useful umbrellas are: Global Abundance; Education; Health; Eco Sustainability ...

Projects I'd like to see

I'm an EA London member, wondering how to contact William or just EA London on the subjects of new organisations and also anti debating ...

Please do have a look at Ecology of Systems Thinking - EoST on Facebook - where I act as (unpaid) moderator. Much of the thinking William talks of is present, and several projects we are trying to initiate are emerging via a very early stage "network corporate" ...

I recently listed thirty odd projects that could be useful, given we trial them to some extent, and I'm sure there are students who would be interested to explore the ideas a little further for interesting and hopefully relevant project work.

I'm also trying to use Teal principles wherever possible, and we seek to continue including members many reckon are on the autistic spectrum.

It's not very effective, yet, but pretty altruistic. Needless to say we are working on ways to get more effective.