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If I place a microbet first, is the $5000 initial bet offer permanently toast?

Does the Bonus Bet token for DraftKings only apply for the first wager you put money for? (it's "up to $5000", but if you bet for less than $5000 [eg only make a deposit of $500], are you not filled in for 5,000 ever?)

Answer by InquilineKeaMar 20, 202310

Has GPT4's release affected things for people here?

Answer by InquilineKeaMar 20, 202310

Has GPT4's release affected things for people here?

Answer by InquilineKeaJan 29, 202310

Value my time/attention more than ever before (don't spend time/attention on degenerate things or things [even minor inconveniences like losing what I'm trying to precisely say] that amplify outwards over time and rob my ability to be the highest-impact person I can be). Interesting things will happen in the next 4-5 years.

Be truer to myself and not obsess so much about fixing what I'm weak in that isn't super-fixable. I have weird cognitive strengths and weird cognitive weaknesses

Freak out way less about climate change (tbh super-fast fusion timelines are part of this)

In general trust my intuition (and what feels right to me) way way way more, and feel much less emotional onus to defend my "weird background" than before (I always seem to have the "weirdest background" of anyone in the room).

I am still just as longevity-focused as I am (especially in the scenario where some slowdown does seem to happen) and think that longevity has relevant for AI safety (slowing down the brain decline of AI researchers is important for getting them to realistically "keep in control with AI" and "cyborg-integrate")

The upside to downside ratio of Adderall becomes more "worth it" for its level of neurotoxicity risk (also see @typedfemale on twitter)

Also microplastics/nanoplastics too

The smallest can get through the blood brain barrier and they are this generation's air pollution

Also how does one stress-test tendency to reveal infohazards when one is under severe stress, like anger, despair, desperation, or mania?

Ideally one would stress-test as little as possible..

Does pretending that one isn't employed by X (one can have plausible deniability when one says that "one is employed by a stealth AI organization" - and there are enough stealth AI organizations out there that one can pretend to be employed by any of them), when one is in fact employed by X, help reduce the temptation to spread infohazards? (in which case - if someone is secretly employed by institution X but does not want to say that they're employed by X, how would they pretend not to be a NEET so they wouldn't face the social stigma associated with being NEET?)

FYI - the  emotional toll of keeping secrets can be lower for some people with trolling/shitposting tendencies b/c there are fewer expectations for them to produce a directionally truthful answer to prompts about their main project. roon is kind of a shitposter, and many people don't expect him to provide a truthful answer on what projects he is working on. Trolls/shitposters (or just people with crazy ADHD) also have less difficulty with announcing alternative unserious projects they're working on (which can serve as decoys)! [or they may also present themselves as having a relationship with X very different from their actual relationship with X]. ALSO trolls/shitposters just know how to distract people away from temptation (this does not always work esp in front of extremely high-agency players, but works enough to be worth mentioning).

Also, DO NOT MAKE INFOHAZARDS HILARIOUS (the more hilarious, the more tempting it is for some to share them).

The volatility of some people drastically decreases when given permanent economic security - for some other people they are inherently volatile whether or not they have economic insecurity. Some people have something they're really missing that (once filled up with economic security or once their emotional neediness needs are filled) => makes them much more reliable to not get into emotionally volatile situations long-run. 

I'm also curious if psychedelic use is predictive of leaking (or not leaking) infohazards. I would guess that some people are much more risky with them, while it does not affect the ability of others to leak infohazards (they increase volatility in some and decrease volatility in othe. It could be that some people may only be employable at infohazard-y corporations once they swear off all unsupervised psychedelic use (just like I know EAs who quit psychedelic use upon entering politics).

Also as a final note - I think others are more tempted to  to leak secrets if they think they have access to highly desireable information...


How does one translate mathematical/high-level agenty-foundations guidelines into code/instructions that an RL agent (or any AI agent, including a scaling laws one) can follow?

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